Police search for suspect in rash of car break-ins at Tri-State gyms

Suspect targeting vehicles at Tri-state gyms

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati police across five districts are searching for a suspect who is going through vehicles at local gyms while the victims are working out.

Police say the suspect targets Planet Fitness but has also hit at least five other gyms in the Tri-State.

Lyanna was at the Planet Fitness in Western Hills on Tuesday getting her membership and came back, she says, to find her car window busted and her purse missing.

“I thought I made somebody mad,” she said. “I thought I cut somebody off or something.”

Video provided by Planet Fitness shows the suspect bash her car’s window and take off with Lyanna’s belongings.

“It was just that I was there for, like, less than 30 minutes, and it happened so quick,” Lyanna said. “I was more mad that my window got busted out.”

Planet Fitness says the suspect has targeted at least five of their gyms, including those in Newport, Florence, Fort Wright and Eastgate in addition to the Western Hills location.

A shot of the suspect police are looking for in a rash of local car break-ins.
A shot of the suspect police are looking for in a rash of local car break-ins. (Source: Provided)

Cincinnati Police Sgt. Eric Franz says the issue is widespread.

“This is a problem everywhere,” Franz said. “They (car thieves) typically know that if you go to a fitness center, you can find someone who left their purse or jacket or laptop in the backseat.”

Lyanna says she’s learned her lesson.

“Definitely keep your purse with you,” she said, “even if you go in for five minutes.”

If you have any information, you’re urged to call Crime Stoppers at 513.352.3040.

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