Man killed by collapse was working on garage, neighbors say

Man, 71, was reportedly remodeling garage in Reading when it collapsed

READING, Ohio (FOX19) - Neighbors say a 71-year-old man was fixing a garage in Reading moments before it collapsed and killed him.

Tony Kirby’s daughter found him trapped under the garage after it caved in on 3rd and Mechanic street on Thursday.

“We have someone trapped under a building. He’s trapped underneath a pile of rubble," Kirby’s daughter said to the 911 operator. “Have you spoken with him?” asked the operator.

“No, I can’t. All I can see is his foot. I just got off from work,” Kirby’s daughter said. She told the dispatcher that her father was remodeling the garage and was doing a tear-down after someone hit it.

Pam Morris who lives across the street says she heard a boom but thought it was part of the construction. “We just heard a loud noise. We assumed he had been working on it and tried to repair it. We just thought something fell, so we didn’t really think anything about it,” Morris said.

Morris says she realized how serious the situation was after seeing fire and rescue crews arrive at the house.

“I think a beam or a pole, they said, hit him in the head,” Morris said.

Crews had to work quickly to dig Kirby out of the wreckage. “They said he barely had a pulse. That’s what his son told my husband,” Morris said.

Morris says Kirby lived in his home with his wife and children for more than 30 years. “We didn’t really know him, but from what we’ve seen and heard he was always out there cutting grass and he was a very nice man,” Morris said.

She says her heart breaks for his family, “I’m just sorry that it happened and I’m sorry that he didn’t have more help.”

Kirby’s cause of death is still pending.

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