As Ohio River recedes, cleanup efforts begin

As Ohio River recedes, cleanup begins

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - From Aurora, Indiana to Downtown Cincinnati, the Ohio River is receding. Now work can begin to clean up what the flood waters have left behind.

“It’s something you deal with when you live in Aurora,” Rand Ballart said.

Ballart is the South Dearborn Head Football Coach. He surveys the damage done by the most recent flooding in Aurora Park, where he keeps football equipment for his team. In a few of weeks, when the field is dry, the real work will begin.

“Once the water goes down, the cleanup starts, and we’ll get a lot of volunteers down here," Ballart explained. "The fire department, like I said, does a great job. They’ll come down through the parking lot, get all the mud and debris off there. And it’s river water, so we gotta make sure our kids are protected.”

Ballart says a couple of years ago he lost thousands of dollars in equipment when flood waters came into a storage garage.

Upriver, Jenn Riesenberg and her family are checking out the high water and enjoying this Presidents’ Day in Downtown Cincinnati.

“It’s pretty neat,” Risenberg said. “I work downtown, so it’s neat to see it come up into the park a little bit. It’s a little lower today than it was on Friday.”

From Sky FOX 19 Drone you can see the water flowing fast and still overflowing the Banks.

However, the conditions are much better now than they were two days ago — and especially two years ago, when the Ohio River crested at 60.5′.

This time, it hit just under 54.5′.

That means in Aurora, the business district was spared.

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