Lebanon City Council poised to allow guns at council meetings

Updated: Feb. 18, 2020 at 8:00 PM EST
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WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Lebanon City Council is leaning towards allowing holders of concealed carry permits to bring their guns to council meetings, says councilwoman Wendy Monroe.

It’s a change few local governments have made in the state of Ohio.

According to records on the city’s website, the topic has only gotten as far as council work sessions.

“If there is a potential victim in this situation, the number-one way for that potential victim to end the situation in their favor is for them to introduce a firearm into the equation, and suddenly they’re okay, generally, never having to pull the trigger, which is really what we want," Monroe said.

A report from the Dayton Daily News indicates one council member has expressed opposition to the change.

Councilwoman Krista Wyatt reportedly noted issues with the plan. FOX19 NOW reached out to the councilwoman for comment but have not heard back.

“It has to go through a couple meetings," Monroe explained. “A first read, a second read and then a vote, and it would pass. It does look like it’s pretty much supported by everyone on council, I believe.”

Lebanon’s next city council meeting is Feb. 25, but a work session is slated for Feb. 19.

The agenda states new business will include an ordinance "authorizing conceal carry firearm permit holders to carry in the City Building when Municipal Court is not in operation.”

“My thought is that basically a law-abiding citizen with a gun is a good thing,” Monroe said.

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