Donations needed for stray dog found hit by train in Kenton County

Dog needs surgery after being hit by train in Kenton County

KENTON COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky animal shelter is currently caring for a dog after it was hit by a train.

Trent Hill is one of several animal control officers who had been looking for the stray bloodhound prior to the incident. He was first seen near the Lakeside Park community.

“Initially he would not allow anyone to get within a hundred feet of him.” Hill said. “Then he kind of got scared of us and made his way down to Elsmere before we got another call.”

That call relayed some bad news: The dog, who rescuers named Thomas, was found badly injured along the train tracks.

Rescuers rushed Thomas to emergency care, and the dog underwent more than five hours of surgery. He lost his front leg, but Hill says he is going to make it.

Thomas is now recovering.

“We would like to get him back home,” Hill explained. “We are not looking for any trouble with charges or anything. We just want to get him back home at this point."

Donations have started to come in, so far around $450 for Thomas’s medical costs.

'We would like to see if people in the community would like to donate towards him," Hill added. “We are needing help with the cause”

If you would like to donate, they are accepting donations at the Veterinary medical Center of Independence.

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