Attorney, police spar over alleged gropings in North College Hill

Lawyer believes his client is not the NCH groper

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The lawyer of a man accused of groping teenage girls in North College Hill says police have it all wrong.

That means the real groper, says attorney Edward Kathman, is still out there.

Police say Danneko Odum, or Neko, groped or flashed at least five teenage girls in the North College Hill Community. He was in court Thursday and took a plea deal after being charged with indecent exposure.

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Neko pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. Kathman says if police had evidence of groping, he would be facing those charges instead.

“Well, he hasn’t been charged with anything, and this has been over three weeks,” Kathman argued. “So, if it was him, he’d be charged.”

Danneko Odum pleaded down to disorderly conduct from indecent exposure on Thursday.
Danneko Odum pleaded down to disorderly conduct from indecent exposure on Thursday. (Source: WXIX)

North College Hill police disagree. They say the case against Neko is still being investigated at the forensic level.

“We’re pretty positive that this is the guy,” police said last month when they announced Neko’s arrest. “We’re pretty positive that we, this is going to stop after today.”

Kathman says police locked Neko up for 22 days for crimes he didn’t commit under a bond he couldn’t afford.

He also says Neko wasn’t able to take medications to treat what he claims are diagnosed mental issues. Neko is currently in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Kathman also takes issue with the sketch police released of the groper.

“That picture doesn’t look anything like Neko at all,” he said. “Truthfully, the nose, the mouth, the eyes, and actually that picture looks like a white guy.”

Still, police maintain with forensic evidence they’ll be able to prove Neko is the man behind the incidents and charge him accordingly.

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