Police investigating hate crime after man allegedly attacks woman at Corryville laundromat

Man accused of attaching former employer at laundromat

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati police are investigating a hate crime after a woman says one of her former employees tracked her down and attacked her — all while using homophobic slurs.

The woman didn’t want to be identified for safety reasons, but she says last Thursday night she was at City Limits Laundry and Tanning on West Nixon Street in Corryville when a former employee confronted her in the laundromat and started shouting homophobic slurs.

“He was very derogatory. He said some things about my sexuality. He said some things about me, called me out by name," the woman told FOX19 NOW. “He said some pretty harsh things definitely, some things I can’t say on the news.”

She says she tried to get away by jumping into her car as the man became more angry and violent.

“He took his aggression out on me in the laundromat and followed me out to my car, pushed me up against the car, assaulted me and broke my driver side rear view mirror," she said.

Fortunately she wasn’t seriously hurt, but she says it was terrifying.

A woman says she was attacked by a former employee at City Limits Laundry in Corryville.
A woman says she was attacked by a former employee at City Limits Laundry in Corryville. (Source: WXIX)

“I’m 125 lbs., and this is a grown man coming at me," she said. "I didn’t try to fight him. I didn’t try to hit him with my car. I didn’t want that kind of trouble."

She tells us she didn’t even know the former employee was upset.

Her family business hires former inmates to do contract-type work. He was hired over the holidays and stayed on the job until it was finished.

“He was straight from out of jail, and we was just trying to help him get on the right path," she explained. “I guess the fear of not having a job anymore upset him."

She says what’s even more frightening is the job was complete more than a month ago and it appears he’s been trying to find her ever since.

“I believe he was tracking me down, because he told me he had been waiting for my car to go past," she said.

The woman adds she spoke with police and gave them his name. Now she says she’s frustrated there hasn’t been an arrest.

“If I would have handled it myself and hit him I’d be in jail right now.”

Police say the case remains under investigation. Meanwhile, the woman who says she was attacked tells us until he is arrested and charged, she’s concerned about her safety.

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