Teens broke into Tri-state man’s home using stolen garage-door opener, homeowner says

It happened around 4:15 Monday morning on McGreevy Dr.
Updated: Feb. 20, 2020 at 11:09 PM EST
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BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - While Jesse Mills was asleep in his home on McGreevy Drive in Fairfield Monday morning around 4:15 a.m., he says a group of people broke in.

Before they got into his home, he says they targeted his car.

Mills explains the group of what he believes to be teens, possibly in their early twenties, used a garage door opener they stole from his vehicle to get inside his home.

He says the group left doors to his home unlocked.

“They stole a tablet, safety glasses and change out of the car," Mills said. “We don’t know if they stole anything out of the house yet because it could’ve been small items. We haven’t had a chance to look, but they went through the house, so they probably did."

Mills says at the time, he had no idea anyone was even inside his home because he was asleep upstairs.

A neighbor's security camera caught some of the action.

Mills says this happened 30-45 minutes before he woke up.

“It’s very unsettling," Mills said. “This is our comfort, our home. This is our place where we are supposed to feel safe, and we don’t feel safe when people are entering our home.”

Mills, eager to stop the thieves, says he did report what happened to Fairfield police.

He also posted about it on social media, where he says other people have told him they’ve dealt with similar situations in Fairfield.

“If these kids are going to enter people’s homes, they could get hurt," Mills said. "So my advice for them is to quit doing it, because eventually they’re going to get shot, and eventually you’re going to get hurt. Stealing petty stuff $80, $100 isn’t worth your life.”

Mills says the garage door opener was stolen s well, but he says they’ve since replaced the garage door.

If you have any information that can help Fairfield police or if you feel you’ve been targeted, contact them at 513-896-8268.

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