New homeless shelter in Middletown offers more than a place to sleep

Hope House Mission opens in Middletown

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (FOX19) - A homeless shelter in Middletown just reopened in a new location offering more services to those in need.

Not only will Hope House Mission be able to house more homeless people on an emergency basis but they will also offer many more permanent apartments to those in need.

“When people come to our shelter off the street they’re typically looking for food, a safe place to stay and some emergency items. And so we provide that for them. We also provide programs and services that can really lead to life transformation," Hope House Mission Executive Director Tim Williams explained.

Williams says the 41,000 square feet, $11.4 million shelter will serve as much more than a place to sleep.

It will offer laundry, a shower, services like counseling, a nursing staff, and classes on cooking and budgeting. The idea is to give people the tools they need to get off the street and back into a normal living environment.

“We work with the folks who at some point have become more the outcast of the community and we believe that one day they will become responsible citizens in this community. Instead of draining resources they’ll be giving back resources. So it’s very exciting to watch that process unfold," Williams said.

Sherman Sweatt once stayed at the shelter for more than a year until he could get back on his feet.

“And everything we have to offer works, I’m living proof of that!" Sweatt said.

He spent more than a year living in the old Hope House shelter. Now he’s living a much different life and is an employee here.

“Hope House helped me get on my feet, got me some financial planning, got me an apartment, I got a car, my family is back together it’s great man!” Sweatt exclaimed.

He encourages those thinking about walking through these doors to take that first step.

“Give it a try, I promise you it’s worth your time!”

If you would like to help Hope House Mission, they are always looking for volunteers. You can find more information here:

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