Proposal could protect consumers from filling up with tainted gas

Push to make changes to fuel quality testing in Ohio

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Ohio House Bill 499 is an effort to put an end to tainted gas in the Buckeye State.

Primary Sponsors of the bill Rep. Brigid Kelly (D-Cincinnati) and Rep. George Lang (R-West Chester) stood with Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds on Tuesday to announce the bill they hope will bring Ohio up to speed with 47 other states that test fuel quality.

The bill would allow county auditors to test for fuel quality in the field. It’s a process Reynolds says would take his crew another five minutes while they’re on location doing quantity tests at stations.

“What we're asking for as county auditors, we're not asking for money in this legislation. We're not asking for any money. We're simply asking for the authority to check the fuel when we have it out of the tanks and we're doing the quantity checks,” Reynolds said.

The bill would allow, not require, each county to participate in fuel testing. Kelly and Lang estimate the cost at $5,000. Reynolds predicts a department of his size might require $10,000 to get the program running.

Smaller counties would also be permitted to call on larger counties as a resource for testing if needed.

“This is a really important piece in ensuring, not just the safety of families in our community but also that consumers are getting what they pay for at the pump,” Kelly said.

“If you’re an operator that is less than scrupulous and you have some bad gas. You’re not going to take it to Indiana, you’re not going to take it to Michigan,” Lang said. “You’re going to dump it right here in the state of Ohio and that’s what happens and it’s caused significant damage.”

Rep. Sara Carruthers, Reily Township Trustee Nick Schwab and Ross Township Trustee Tom Willsey were also present in support of this house bill.

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