8 guilty pleas from Miami U fraternity members facing hazing, assault charges

Updated: Feb. 25, 2020 at 8:23 AM EST
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OXFORD, Ohio (FOX19) - Several of the 18 suspects facing charges following a fraternity hazing incident at Miami University faced an Oxford judge on Tuesday.

Hugh Webster, Michael Keen, James MacKeigan, Joshua Karl Plaster, Scott Sidner, Grady McMichen, Samay Pahouja, Bennett Faloni, Jonathan Rauch, Benjamin Grossheim, Liam Newcomer and Conner Meek appeared in court.

There were eight guilty pleas and several other cases were continued.

The victim, Tyler Perino, and his mother stood up to speak in court during Josh Plaster’s case.

“The moment I knew something was not right was when the acting members made the pledge class, including myself, stay up all night, jam-packed in a room with no food or water. Sadly, I felt that I was trapped in a group of people that would shame me forever for leaving the fraternity,” Perino said.

“The absolute hardest thing for me to hear, in all of this, was that he was hungry and in need of food and you gave him dog food. That’s the most caring thing to do for another is to feed them... and all of you messed with him instead,” his mother said.

According to an indictment, the violent hazing incident took place last March at the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, where students were beaten with spiked paddles, kicked and forced to drink countless amounts of alcohol and smoke marijuana.

The hazing incident ending up leaving one student hospitalized.

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The indictment contains charges of assault and criminal hazing. Some of the men are facing two charges, while others face as many as six.

Maximum penalties for the single hazing charge are a $250 fine and 30 days in jail, however, jail time was suspended.

The assault charges carry a maximum sentence of six months in jail.

Perino’s mother painted a graphic picture of horrific bruising and battering of her son and the forced consumption of alcohol.

“It is nothing short of abuse and no matter what happens as a result in this courtroom today you will have to live with what you did to another human being and how you justified it,” she said.

  • Jason Londa – Pleaded guilty to hazing
  • Nicholas Griswold – Pleaded guilty to hazing; $100 fine
  • Josh Plaster – Pleaded guilty to hazing; $250 fine
  • Liam Newcomer – Pleaded guilty to hazing; $100 fine
  • James Mackeigan – Pleaded guilty to hazing; $100 fine, 1-year probation
  • Michael Keen - Pleaded guilty to hazing; $100 fine
  • Scott Sidner - Pleaded guilty to hazing; $100 fine
  • Hugh Webster - Pleaded guilty to hazing; $200 fine
  • Jonathan Rauch – Continued
  • Samay Pahouja – Continued
  • Benjamin Grossheim – Continued

The chapter has been suspended until 2034.

Tyler Joseph Glowaski has already pleaded guilty in this case.

Three other suspects, Nicholas Carmichael, Jason Londa and Alex Niezyniecki, are expected to face a judge on March 10.

The chapter has an option to petition after 10 years in 2029 to be reinstated on campus.

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