Father, daughter sentenced in case of man kidnapped, tortured in dog cage

Father, daughter sentenced for abusing man held captive in dog cage

WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - A father and daughter will serve at least six years in prison for holding a man captive in a dog cage and torturing him.

Bryan and Lindsay Parker were sentenced Friday.

The Parkers along with a third man charged in the case, Christopher “Mongo” Edwards, were accused of holding Patrick Coleman against his will in a dog cage.

The incident occurred last October in a home on East Lytle Five Points Road in Clearcreek Township.

The Parkers were initially charged with felonious assault and kidnapping, but in January they agreed to guilty pleas on just the felonious assault charges.

Coleman said, prior to his escape, he thought the Parkers were eventually going to kill him.

The court allowed a statement from Coleman to be read by an advocate, Erika Bourelle.

“I still can’t sleep through the night,” Bourelle read aloud, “nor can I leave the house without a feeling of dread overcoming me.”

Coleman says he received a call from former girlfriend Lindsay sometime on Oct. 16, 2019. She told him she was being assaulted and abused at the house. Coleman says he went there with the intent of helping her, then was forced into the house against his will and kept there until his escape.

According to court documents, a police search of the home found a choker chain, a hook tool, pliers, electrical cords and the blue lawn chair in which Coleman says the torture was performed.

“Every time I begin to think of what happened, a familiar pain pinches in my stomach and the hair stands up on the back of my neck,” Bourelle read.

Coleman said on one rare occasion when he was late out of his cage, he saw an open door and made a break for it. Then he ran to a firehouse across the street and broke a window when no one answered. Next, he got into an ambulance with the keys inside and drove himself to Children’s Hospital in Dayton.

Lindsay told FOX19 NOW last November that Coleman showed up at the house unprompted to rekindle their relationship and that it was her father, Bryan, who held him captive and tortured him, forcing her to watch.

Lindsay was given 99 days credit for time served. Bryan Parker earned 107 days.

Christopher “Mongo” Edwards is scheduled to go to trial in May.

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