Deputies come to woman’s aid after her car hood unlatches on NKY interstate

Boone Co. deputies help woman following scary incident on I-75

BOONE COUNTY (FOX19) - Stephanie Yerkes was on her way to work Tuesday, driving “highway speed” on I-75, she says, when something happened to her car.

According to Yerkes, suddenly the car’s front hood unlatched and reeled back on its hinge right into her windshield which shattered in her face.

“The window shattered, and the hood is there, and there was pieces of glass,” Yerkes said.

The incident took place around the I-71/75 split in Boone County.

Yerkes was unharmed but she recalls she was shaking and near tears as she pulled her car blindly to the side of the road.

Deputy Jameson Schroeder happened to be working a traffic stop on the other side of the interstate.

“I heard what I thought was an accident at that point,” Schroeder said. “Looked out of my window and saw a car with the hood completely over the windshield.”

Yerkes recalls Schroeder leaped over the interstate’s concrete divider to get to her and ask if she was alright.

“And I was like, ‘Okay, I think I am okay because I hear this guy,’" she said.

“Knowing that I can break things down to a human level to her, and let her know that it is okay and that the car is replaceable, and see that she let comfort by me being there, that was amazing to me,” Schroeder explained.

He adds he immediately called for backup with Deputy Brian Rondeau responding to the scene shortly thereafter.

“Any one of our guys would’ve done that,” Rondeau said. “Jameson (Schroeder) did the real important stuff by jumping the wall. That’s not something you see every day, but after that, any one of our guys would’ve done the same exact thing.”

Yerkes says she’s just glad her kids weren’t in the car.

As for the car itself, she says it was fixed Friday.

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