3,000 runners participate in Bockfest’s 5K race

Bockfest 5k attracts 3,000

CINCINNATI (FOX19) -Three thousand runners participated at Bockfest’s 5K race Saturday in Over-the-Rhine.

The German festival has been a staple in Cincinnati for 28 years and the 5K race is just one of its traditions.

“I love it, it’s a great festival. The community is amazing, certainly not the weather," runner Christian Barde said.

Flying Pig organizers were excited to kick off the running calendar, despite the cold temperatures. Those who missed Saturday’s race could participate Sunday.

“If you couldn’t make the 5K on Saturday, we have the .05K run, 164 feet, if you can run, walk or crawl it, you’ll get your medal and your t-shirt and your drink as well,” organizer Steve Hampton said.

Bockfest is also home to live music, beer, and food.

“It’s a really unique festival and the fact that, of course, we celebrate beer and we enjoy all the good things with beer. We celebrate the unique history and the people down here in Over-The-Rhine, the brewing history, and we celebrate the coming of spring,” Hampton said.

Festival-goers will get to enjoy Bockfest’s strong lager, Bock beer, which dates to Germany in the 1400s.

“Bock beer is a spring beer and so it harkens all the good things that are coming. So, it’s a very positive, fun festival.”

Festival-goers can close out the weekend with a Bock Bloody Mary on Sunday and a Bockfeast dinner. Blues, German music and dancing will be at Bockfest Hall.

For a complete list of everything Bockfest, visit the official Bockfest website.

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