Tri-State photographer returns from surveying Tennessee tornado damage

Photographer with disaster response team returns from Nashville

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - It’s only been a couple of days since the deadly tornadoes touched down near Nashville. A local photographer and Army veteran just returned from surveying the damage.

Jason Whitman took hundreds of photos while in Tennessee. He was working with Team Rubicon, a service organization assisting with disaster response.

This isn’t his first time responding to a weather disaster but it was still an unforgettable experience.

Whitman was at the dentist’s Tuesday when Team Rubicon called to ask him to go to Nashville.

“The whole focus is if you could take one photo that would make someone understand what’s going on and maybe donate so they can keep doing what they do, that’s the whole goal for me,” Whitman explained.

Team Rubicon is a mostly veteran-run organization helping with disaster relief.

Whitman's job was to capture images of the damage so the team knows what kind of resources and tools they need to send to middle Tennessee.

Whitman spent most of his time in the town of Cookeville, east of Nashville. The town was hit the hardest and he says has fewer resources than Nashville.

“You would look and there would be maybe six or seven blocks and there would be a half of a house standing, everything is flat, gone,” Whitman recalls, “It’s just total devastation for as far as you can see.”

However, despite the smaller population in Cookeville, thousands of people showed up Wednesday morning to help search through the rubble.

Whitman says despite the devastation and tough times ahead for Tennessee, he was encouraged to see so many people willing to help during this time of need.

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