Good Samaritans pull driver from wreckage of fatal I-75 crash

Good samaritans assist with fatal accident in Northern Kentucky

FLORENCE, Ky. (FOX19) - Several Good Samaritans stopped at the scene of a fatal crash on I-75 early Monday, helping police rescue a girl and comforting the crash’s victims as well as its self-confessed culprit.

The crash happened around 8:35 a.m. Police say a tractor-trailer and utility pick-up stopped on the right shoulder of I-75 South in Florence after they were involved in a minor crash. While the two drivers were standing outside on the shoulder, a tractor-trailer traveling crashed into them.

Police say the driver of the pickup, Joshua A. Jones, 34, of Mason, was killed. Two other people were seriously hurt.

Nick Carter was on his way to his job at the UPS facility in Richmond when he noticed vehicles slamming on the brakes. When he saw the crash ahead, he said he parked his car on the shoulder and rushed to help the victims.

“Me and another gentleman pulled out the semi driver that was toppled over. We pulled him out,” Carter told FOX19 NOW. “Then, after we pulled him out, and he was okay and everything, I started walking down and noticed a driver that was on the ground.”

Carter says the man had several cuts and other injuries. He says he gave the man his jacket and asked about anyone else involved in the crash. The man replied that his daughter was still inside his red vehicle.

“The only thing he was really worried about, and he kept on asking all of us, was, ‘Is my daughter okay? Is my daughter okay?’" Carter said. “He was only concerned about his daughter.”

Carter explains he and the others who stopped at the scene immediately went to the red vehicle.

“Everybody was trying to pry open the door, and me and another guy, I knocked down all of the brush and everything that was in the way, and then we pried the door open so the cop could get in there better and figure out what was going on and talk to her and hopefully hear her," Carter recalled. "She was breathing at that point.”

Carter says he then ran back to the man to tell him his daughter was breathing but trapped.

Eventually Carter went back to the semi driver to see if he was still okay.

“He said, ‘Yeah, I just found out that I killed somebody.’" Carted said. “And he was really hurt by that. He was really shaken up and in tears. I put my arm around him and I said, ‘Accidents happen.’”

According to police, one victim was flown by Air Care to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and is still listed in critical condition.

A third victim was transported to UCMC by Florence EMS and is still listed in serious but stable condition.

Anyone with information on the crash is urged to contact Florence Police Detective Rob Fulton at 859.647.5420.

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