Hamilton family warning of window-peeping man in cowboy hat

Hamilton family warning others of man who peeped into daughter's window

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - A Hamilton family says a strange man approached their home Sunday and looked into their daughter’s window. Now they want to warn others to look out for the same.

“My wife was walking into my kid’s room and she had seen [a man outside],” Jacob Talbott said. “He was in the window trying to talk to my daughter that has autism.”

Talbott and his family live on the west side of Hamilton. He says his 8-year-old daughter is non-verbal.

Talbott’s wife says the man was trying to speak with his daughter through the window. He says she went outside to confront the man, but by the time she got outside he was gone.

The family says the man returned to their home just hours after the first encounter.

“He looks at my kids and my grandma and tells them to watch, watch your girls, and really scared everybody around,” Talbott said.

Talbott went outside to confront the man after the second encounter. He says the man took off running and screaming down the street.

The family tells FOX19 NOW they went to Hamilton police and informed the person at the front desk of the encounter. They say since that time they’ve seen officers make several rounds through their neighborhood.

“I’m scared for my kids, being a parent,” Talbott said. “Nobody should have to deal with people looking in your window trying to get your kids.”

The family says the most memorable thing about the man in question was a cowboy hat he was wearing. Talbott warns anyone who encounters this man to contact police immediately.

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