VIDEO: Milford road rage incident caught on camera

Milford road rage incident caught on camera

CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - A road rage incident was caught on camera Saturday in Milford.

The video shows a 26-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman yelling at each other. It escalates from there, getting physical as the man is seen falling to the ground.

No one is being prosecuted because neither one wanted to press charges, a police report shows.

The dispute broke out across from the Milford Police Department at the intersection of Main Street and Wallace Street, according to police.

Stephen Gregory recorded the fight on his phone.

He says he’d just stepped outside to enjoy the nice weather and play Angry Birds when it happened.

“I would have never thought to see something like that in person,” Gregory told FOX19 NOW. “We saw a gentleman hit the ground, a shoe go in the air. Within 45 seconds, a gentleman had intervened, and the police were here, and then it was over."

According to police, the woman told officers the man in the black car was tailgating her and her niece as her niece, 17, drove them home.

She says he passed their vehicle on a two-lane road and then got behind their car again once they were in the Milford area, around Lewis street.

A police report shows the woman told police she and the man exchanged words when she got out of the car.

She says he took a swing at her first, starting the fight.

“It was unprovoked,” she told FOX19 NOW.

She tells us she only got out of the car because he got out of his car first and came up to theirs and proceeded to punch her niece’s window.

She says she thought he was going to hit her niece.

“I told him to stop. Then he came at me. That’s when the fight started,” she says. "No words were exchanged. He came yelling and cussing. Those were the only words, him yelling and cussing. He was punching our window and I told him to stop and then he lunged at me and tried to hit me. I dodged him and I hit him and he tried to him me again and I hit him again and then my underage niece got out of the car yelling ‘stop, no hitting.’

The police report, however, also gives the man’s side of events.

It shows the man told officers the driver was following him so close he couldn’t see the headlights on her car.

He told police the driver later sped past him and threw a drink at his car.

The police report says the man told officers he got out of the car to confront her and started punching the windows of her car.

That, he says, is when the woman attacked him.

A different witness told police he didn’t know who threw the first punch.

“It was a lot. It was a lot to take in. Almost unreal,” Gregory says. “It was still kind of exciting, I’m not going to lie.”

Gregory also says he thinks something “got the best of” the adults in the fight. He hopes they take a different approach in the future.

“Just take a deep breath. Like Simon and Garfunkle, slow down, you’re moving too fast," Gregory says "That’s the way you need to be to be on the road to be safe, give everyone a little bit of space and do the right thing, and if you are feeling hot, back off.”

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