Ultimate Air Shuttle seeing surge in business due to COVID-19

Ultimate Air Shuttle seeing surge in business due to COVID-19
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CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Private jet companies are seeing a surge in business because commercial carriers are having to rearrange or cut flights due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Travelers are flying private to reduce the risk of virus exposure.

Ultimate Air Shuttle, which has been based in Cincinnati for 10 years, is seeing unprecedented demand changes.

They said the majority of their small to large corporations have issued travel bans until further notice, which directly affects their operations.

Starting this Monday, Ultimate Air Shuttle will be temporarily suspending operations on select destinations due to declined demand, the includes Chicago, Charlotte and Nashville, but their Cleveland and Atlanta flights are still on.

Sr. Vice President Rick Pawlak explains while there are cancellations, the other side of their charter business is booming.

“Our company is very unique. Which is a big advantage in challenging times, like we are living in now happen. We are receiving quotes fast and furious from companies around the country, that want to contain their people in a controlled environment and charter brings that option, even though business seems to be coming to a screeching halt around the country, and around the world, there are businesses still needing to travel. Business needs to go on. So we need to adapt in this environment, to best serve these businesses around the country and Ohio,” he said.

The International Air Transport Association also noted a rise in private jet flights of 25 percent over the last three weeks.

Private jet flights from Hong Kong to Australia and North America in January have jumped by 214 percent.

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