First meal run to students a learning experience for Boone County Schools

First meal run to students a learning experience for Boone County Schools

BOONE CO., Ky (FOX19) - Normally school buses are packed with students this time of year, but while schools have been closed because of coronavirus concerns, they’ve sat empty. On Wednesday that changed.

Boone County schools used buses to deliver food to kids throughout the district.

Cafeteria workers smoothly brought food out of Stephens Elementary and loaded up bus after bus.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as smoothly for the rest of the day.

As one bus entered an apartment complex to deliver food to students another bus was already there. No parents or kids came outside to get a meal.

So this on top of a few other issues didn’t make Wednesday’s trial run a smooth success.

What also didn’t help the situation was the fact that some buses ran out of food and had to have other buses with leftovers come fill the needs where they were.

“I had hoped that parents would RSVP and reserve, so we had an idea of how many to prepare," explained Boone County Schools Assistant Superintendent Dr. Mike Poiry. "We exceeded what we had planned, so now that we have the data point we’re going to start refining where there’s greater areas of need. Areas that we over serviced, but today’s my first day of getting true numbers.”

The school district says parents need to call in orders beforehand and let them know where their children will be.

“Those intricacies, we need to know about on a daily basis,” said Dr. Poiry.

Also to help everyone from becoming sick, the district will be changing their delivery method for next time.

“The thing you’ll start to see us do is setting up a table outside of the school bus where the food will be," Dr. Poiry said. "That’s going to allow us to avoid hand to hand contact, or hand to hand delivery of foods.”

The district says they are going to continually update their strategy because they believe students’ needs will grow in the coming weeks.

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