Hyde Park woman describes what it’s like to have coronavirus

Published: Mar. 21, 2020 at 1:35 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Elizabeth Edwards found out Friday that she is “presumed positive” for COVID-19. The Hyde Park woman was tested for the virus seven days ago.

Edwards, 38, says she called her doctor the moment she had her first cough and felt short of breath.

She was tested the next day by the health department.

An ER doctor at UC Health reviewed her chest rays and blood work and, Edwards says, came to the conclusion that she is “presumed positive” despite a negative test.

She says she had the NAATP LabCorp test which, according to Edwards, has a false negative rate of up to 20%

Edwards says of her family of five, four have a fever. They are all quarantined.

“I am feeling better than yesterday - trending in the right direction. My doctor said that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were probably the worst for me given the ‘normal’ progression. I started having shortness of breath Thursday, March 12. So, five to seven days later, that was the worst. Now I’m feeling like I’m on the upswing, but still resting,” Edwards said.

She says if you test positive for the coronavirus you must rest and listen to your body.

“This is not like the flu, which I just had five weeks ago and hits you like a truck all of sudden. This comes on slowly over days and then at the peak you feel like you’re going to pass out unless you are resting,” Edwards said.

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