Beshear announces reporting hotline, donation fund; National Guard in ‘near future’

Gov. Beshear announces new hotline, #TeamKentucky Fund

FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX19) - Kentucky has suffered its fourth death as a result of COVID-19, according to Gov. Beshear.

The woman was an 82-year-old woman with underlying health conditions.

The governor said during his Monday press briefing he will light up his house green once again to send a message of solidarity, compassion and renewal. He encouraged other Kentucky residents to do the same.

Kentucky now has 124 cases of COVID-19, Beshear said, up 21 over Sunday’s total.

Northern Kentucky now has 10 cases, according to the Northern Kentucky Health Department, up five over Sunday. One is in Boone County, one is in Campbell County and eight are in Kenton County, the department says.

The governor also said Monday a Louisville man refused to self-quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19, the second such instance in Kentucky. A judge’s order has been issued to enforce the quarantine.

During the briefing, Beshear cited guidance from the U.S. Surgeon General to prepare Kentuckians that “things are going to get bad this week.”

“This is why we are being aggressive,” he said. “This is why we have taken the steps we have taken, and we are going to take more steps going forward.”

He announced some of those steps Monday.

The #TeamKentucky Fund, according to Beshear, allows Kentuckians to provide financial assistance to those adversely affected by the virus. Beshear said the fundraising platform will be overseen by state officials to ensure it’s monitored at all times and that every dollar is traced.

The governor called the fund an “opportunity for people to donate knowing that all those dollars are going to the people who need it.”

Donations are tax deductible and there are no limits.

Additionally Beshear announced a new hotline staffed by state labor officials so Kentuckians can report groups or businesses not following CDC guidelines about social distancing: 1.833.KYSAFER (597.2337).

“Those who are not in compliance with our state orders, this is a call that will allow government to know, (...) to make sure we know what you know,” Beshear said.

Beshear also said Kentucky hospitals will begin seeing more law enforcement to ensure everything is safe and orderly. That will include National Guard in the “near future,” he said.

The National Guard will not be patrolling or enforcing a curfew, Beshear added.

Lastly, Beshear said the state will be conducting a survey of outpatient surgical centers for supplies and staff.

“We want to know where very pierce of equipment is in the state,” Beshear said.

On Sunday Beshear announced ‘non-essential in-person retail businesses’ will be ordered closed to by Monday at 8 p.m. A full list of categories of life-sustaining, in-person retail businesses is attached to the order.

One clarification the governor made from Sunday concerned auto dealers, saying they can continue to provide repair and parts and perform sales over the internet or phone, but cannot perform in-person sales.

He also clarified stores related to agriculture supplies and equipment are food-chain related and will stay open.

Find Kentucky’s coronavirus updates here. Find the full list of actions taken by Beshear to combat the spread of coronavirus here.

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