5 new coronavirus deaths in Indiana; 12 total deaths in the state

Coronavirus: 6 steps you can take to prevent it

INDIANAPOLIS (FOX19) - The Indiana State Department of Health says there are 107 new positive cases of COVID-19 in the state, bringing the total number of cases to 365.

Five more Hoosiers have died for a total of 12 deaths in the state as a result of the coronavirus, the ISDH says.

The health department says a total of 2,931 tests have been reported, up from 1,960 on Monday.

Testing is available to call counties, according to Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box.

Marion County, which is where Indianapolis is, has more new cases, 51, than any other county.

A major metropolitan area, like Indianapolis, is suffering the worse from this, Dr. Box stated.

The complete list of counties with cases is included in the ISDH COVID-19 dashboard at www.coronavirus.in.gov, which is updated daily at 10 a.m. Cases are listed by county of residence. Private lab reporting may be delayed and will be reflected in the map and count when results are received at ISDH.

So what should you do if you test positive?

Dr. Box says “take personal responsibility.”

She says you should call and tell your employer as well as anyone you might’ve come in contact with.

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