Children’s Theater of Cincinnati Everywhere brings Casper, Sleeping Beauty to your living room

Children’s Theater of Cincinnati Everywhere brings Casper, Sleeping Beauty to your living room
Casper the Friendly Musical appeared in October of 2019 at Taft Theater. (Source: Mikki Schaffner/TCT)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Casper The Friendly Musical, Sleeping Beauty and so much more are coming right to you with the Children’s Theater of Cincinnati’s TCT Everywhere webpage.

While you and your kids are inside during Ohio’s stay-at-home order you can access dozens of different activities from TCT Everywhere like:

  • Crafts
  • Acting, vocal exercises
  • Podcasts
  • Study guides
  • Videos

Additionally, you can stream the entire 2019 production of Casper The Friendly Musical.

“Vaporized 50 years earlier during a freak lightning storm, Casper and his three uncles are living a rather uneventful life in the family mansion, until Magdalena Monteverde, their former housekeeper, appears late one night. She seeks the deed to the house…not because she wants to live there, but because she believes the deed contains a secret message that will lead to great fortune. During a frantic race to find the deed between the mansion’s ghostly inhabitants and those determined to kick them out, young Casper, his unforgettable uncles and his new friends learn important lessons about family, fearlessness, and the greatest discovery of them all – friendship.”

While there isn’t an actual March Madness tournament going on, TCT Everywhere has a fun contest for kids where they can mimic the NCAA Basketball Tournament format with a 30-second video.

And soon, TCT Everywhere will include a rock musical comedy adaptation of Sleeping Beauty:

“The impulsive but courageous Princess Aurora (who prefers “Rory”) doesn’t quite fit in with the other princesses in ‘Princess School.’ After meeting her prince by kissing a frog (because how else do you meet guys in Princess School) Rory sets out on her own to discover all the Kingdom has to offer. Along the way, she encounters her evil Fairy Godmother, the Magnificent Magnilda, who placed a curse on Rory when she was a child, causing her to fall into a deep sleep. This sleeping beauty will awaken only with a kiss from her prince. Once she is fully awake and ready to rock, the feisty Princess Rory begins a whirlwind quest to save her Princess Schoolmates: Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, the Snow Queen and Rapunzel, and defeat Magnilda.”

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