First coronavirus-related death reported in Tri-State

First reported COVID-19-related death in Tri-State

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ind. (FOX19) - A Franklin County man recently died from COVID-19, health officials said Wednesday, marking the county’s first suspected virus-related death.

The man was in his sixties and had been in the care of doctors at an Indiana hospital since March 13, the officials said.

“It’s our community,” Franklin County Health Department Supervisor Angie Ruther said. “These are our neighbors, our friends that are getting sick. I want them to take it seriously.”

The man’s death also marks the first COVID-19-related fatality in the Tri-State.

Privacy laws prohibited Ruther from releasing any more information about the man.

Health officials notified the Franklin County Health Department Wednesday of the death, Ruther said.

“We want people to stay home as much as possible,” she added. “Go to work, grocery, medical things, that’s it. You should be staying home. Don’t run and do other things. Straight to work, straight home.”

Visit the Indiana State Department of Health’s COVID-19 website for more information, including frequently asked questions about COVID-19.

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