Call for PPE donations with increase in coronavirus cases in Hamilton Co.

Call for PPE donations with increase in coronavirus cases in Hamilton Co.

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Commission President Denise Driehaus is calling on the community for donations of PPE with the numbers of coronavirus increasing in Hamilton County.

Hamilton County has 12 new positive COVID-19 cases in one day, 26 to 38.

“As you can tell we are on the upside of the curve, remember our efforts are attempting to flatten the curve. We’re clearly heading on the upside of the curve," Driehaus said.

She added despite this being a significant hardship, she thanked the community for changing their behavior by staying at home and practicing social distancing.

Nick Crossley, Director of the Hamilton County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, said preparing for an increased case load is bringing a greater need for PPE and is calling on the community to help donate.

If you have any PPE items you would like to donate, you’re asked to call 513-263-8200.

According to Driehaus, families are being offered up to $3,000 for those facing immediate hardships.

She said you do have to qualify through Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services. You can call 513-946-1000.

On Tuesday, Driehaus said they are stable in the hospitals.

“At this moment we have enough capacity for medical treatment,” Driehaus said.

The Sharonville Convention Center reached out to her and offered all their space for medical purposes if needed.

Driehaus also mentioned speaking to Kroger executives about supply in stores.

“Kroger said the supply chain is strong,” she said. "The empty shelves are not a supply chain issue, but people hoarding. The lack of product on shelves isn’t a supply chain issue, it’s a human behavior issue.”

She is urging people to shop responsibly.

As of Tuesday, Ohio has 564 confirmed coronavirus cases and eight deaths, according to the state’s department of health.

Ohio Department of Health Dr. Amy Action says of total cases in Ohio 25 percent of people have been hospitalized. Plus, 16 percent of 564 total cases are healthcare workers.

Here’s of a breakdown of cases in Greater Cincinnati counties:

  • Hamilton: 38
  • Butler: 18
  • Clermont: 5
  • Warren: 7
  • Clinton: 1
  • Highland: 1

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