Head chef at Cincy’s oldest restaurant hosts free ‘quarantine cooking classes’ online

Arnold's Bar and Grill holds free quarantine cooking classes

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - With restaurants closing down their dining areas, more families are choosing to cook at home — and may be quickly running out of ideas.

Now a chef at Cincinnati’s oldest restaurant is helping others spice things up in the kitchen.

Arnold’s Bar and Grill’s head chef Kayla Robison says employees and customers are being forced to adjust during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We’re adapting. We’re doing Fish Friday’s on Friday, where you pull up to the tub and grab some grub. That’s kind of our little slogan that we’re working on right now. Last Friday we sold 200 orders, which is great,” Robison said.

Now you can have a taste of Arnold’s without leaving your home.

Robison held the restaurant’s first quarantined cooking class over livestream Wednesday. During the demo, she showed everyone how to make Greek Spaghetti, a dish that has been on Arnold’s menu since 1957.

Quarantine Cooking Lesson with Chef Kayla

Posted by Arnold's Bar and Grill on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Robison calls it more than just a cooking class.

“Even though I’m not able to be in my kitchen, I can be safe at home and help others be safe at home as well, and also this is the most amazing thing about cooking is bringing families together," Robison said. “It brings people together."

Robison says more online classes are to come. The next one will be on Sunday. Make sure to stay up to date by visiting Arnold’s Facebook page.

“A lot of the meals I’ll be doing are also family friendly. I have a daughter who’s 10, so she helps me out as well.”

She continued: “It’s really put in perspective where I’m sitting on the back end, worrying about financial issues and hoping that other restaurants and other small businesses will be able to come out on top of this. My daughter is seeing this as I get to spend more time with mom, and I get to cook at home with her. We get to play board games and a lot of movie nights and actually be outside instead of being under our phones or whatever else might be distracting, so there is a light in this."

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