Photographer capturing COVID-19 era with free family portraits

Photographer taking photos of families for coronavirus memory series
Updated: Mar. 26, 2020 at 11:17 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A local photographer is taking to the streets to capture the close connections that are being built, as part of a coronavirus memory project.

Photographer Brian Vuyancih was inspired to start the project after seeing a photographer in another state do something similar.

“Not only does it help to keep people connected, but I think it also shows each other that we’re all kind of doing the same thing, and we’re all in this together," Vuyancih said.

Vuyancih retired from his job as a police officer to start his photography business. Then, last fall, he says he launched “Beechmont Stories," a blog that features people in the community by illustrating their interesting stories through pictures.

Now, he is taking it a step further by adding a series focused on how families are handling the coronavirus.

“It’s a historic thing that’s happening," Vuyancih said. "It’s something that we’ll hopefully never see again, but just all the different stories, and everyone’s life is changing.”

The Adamson family
The Adamson family(Brian Vuyancih/Provided)

His first shoot took place in Batavia.

Vuyancih said the process is simple: families pose outside of their homes, far enough away that social distancing is at work, but close enough for Vuyancih to capture their creativity.

“Everyone’s kind of displaying their board games and their movies nights, things like that," Vuyancih said. "It’s kind of neat to see that.”

After the photoshoots, Vuyancih shares the snapshots on social media. He said the families create their own captions that express how the coronavirus has affected them.

“Some of them are willing to disclose a little bit more and go into their feelings and thoughts and share some stuff. Other people are more private," Vuyancih said.

The Hertel family
The Hertel family(Brian Vuyancih/Provided)

Vuyancih hopes his work will double as pieces of art and pieces of history.

“I think it’s gonna be, in the end, a good thing for families that they were brought closer together after all this," Vuyancih said.

Vuyancih’s next shoot is in an Anderson Township neighborhood on Sunday afternoon.

He said the shoots are free, and he is looking to schedule more.

To find out more information, like how to set up your own shoot, contact Vuyancih through his Beechmont Stories Facebook page, his photography Facebook page, or his website.

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