PPE donations needed; region is not in a ‘surge level’

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Christa Hyson, Public Information Officer with the Health Collaborative, discussed the coordinated regional effort around personal protective equipment (PPE), surge capacity and misconceptions surrounding when to seek medical attention.

Hyson reminded the public that Urgent Care centers are open and to not use an emergency room unless it’s an emergency.

Area hospitals are stable now and not at a surge level. Specific numbers of beds available can’t be given because it’s changing all the time, she said.

“A hospital can expand bed capacity under certain conditions. In this region we have done this and have practice this successfully,” Hyson said.

There are three surge levels:

1. Calling in additional staff

2. All available surge areas will be utilized

3. Community-wide surge. Increased capacity will be activated.

Currently, we are nor in a dire situation or surge level, according to Hyson.

On Thursday, Hamilton County reported 53 positive COVID-19 cases.

“As you can tell we are on the upside of the curve, remember our efforts are attempting to flatten the curve. We’re clearly heading on the upside of the curve," Hamilton County Commission President Denise Driehaus said.

Nick Crossley, Director of the Hamilton County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, said preparing for an increased case load is bringing a greater need for PPE and is calling on the community to help donate.

If you have any PPE items you would like to donate, you’re asked to call 513-263-8200.

Driehaus said if you see violations of the stay-at-home order, contact the Health Department at 513-946-7847 so they can follow up and check on the facility.

As of Thursday, Ohio has 867 confirmed coronavirus cases and 15 deaths, according to the state’s department of health.

Here’s of a breakdown of cases in Greater Cincinnati counties:

  • Hamilton: 53
  • Butler: 21
  • Clermont: 6
  • Warren: 10
  • Clinton: 2
  • Highland: 1

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