Tri-State restaurant give free meals, bonuses to employees during shutdown

Cooper's Hawk gives out bonuses, meals to employees

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Despite being closed due to COVID-19, Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant is making sure none of its employees or their families go hungry.

The restaurant’s kitchen remains open during the shutdown, and the chefs are busy cooking meals that will be given for free to the employees and their families.

“It’s always been part of our vision and values,” Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant General Manager Mark Saadallah explained. “We care about employees, we care about the community, we care about our wine club members and that’s what we’ve done.”

Cooper's Hawk gives out bonuses, meals to employees
Cooper's Hawk gives out bonuses, meals to employees (Source: WXIX)

Saadallah says the restaurant has been providing these meals to their employees and their families since they closed almost two weeks ago.

Monday night, server Victoria Peters posted a now-viral note on Facebook.

She bragged about her employer not only giving out meals, but that each employee got a bonus too.

“Our relationship really extends far out just beyond these walls,” said Peters, “We’re all really a community and we really feel like a family.”

Peters is living with her parents right now, so she’s even been taking them meals. Her favorite so far was a salmon and pasta dish.

“We have seen nothing but love from everybody,” explained Saadallah. “There’s a lot of people who really want to support what we’re doing. They really want to continue supporting us.”

When this all started, the chefs were making 50 meals a day. They’re now up to 300.

While the employees are enjoying the unique meals, they’re also ready to go back to work as soon as this pandemic is over.

Cooper’s Hawk will begin serving carry-out orders Monday. The winery will remain open.

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