Cincy rescue working to save pregnant cat that was shot in NKY

Rescuers say pregnant cat's shooting is animal cruelty
Updated: Mar. 30, 2020 at 9:40 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Cincinnati-based rescue is working to save a pregnant cat and her unborn kittens after someone shot the cat, nearly taking its life.

Rescuers with Sweet Dream House say Noche is pregnant and injured.

Someone found her in a backyard in Northern Kentucky and reached out to get her help, they say.

A vet later found that Noche had been shot in the shoulder. X-rays showed shattered bullet fragments were left inside her body.

“There’s no excuse. There’s absolutely no excuse for that," Dana White, the rescue’s treasurer, said.

White adds it isn’t safe to do surgery on Noche until she gives birth to her kittens. Eventually, her affected front leg will need to be amputated.

“The estimate I think is between $700 and $900, and when she has finally weaned her kittens and she’s had her amputation and been spayed and fixed and ready to go, her adoption fee will be able $50, so most rescues take non-profit to a whole new level," White said.

Noche the pregnant cat was recently found shot in NKY.
Noche the pregnant cat was recently found shot in NKY.(Provided)

White says she does not know if they will ever get enough information for a cruelty conviction. She is just glad that Noche is now in a foster home, getting the love and care that she deserves.

Her message to other pet owners is to keep a watchful eye.

“The biggest thing people can do to help any animal is spay and neuter their own,” she added. "It keeps them a lot calmer. It prevents a lot of cancers. If she had been spayed, she might not have gotten into trouble where she got shot.”

Noche will be up for adoption in a few months after she gives birth and has her surgery. Her kittens will also go up for adoption when they are ready.

Sweet Dream House Rescue is always accepting donations and looking for foster families, volunteers and adopters. To learn more, visit the rescue’s Facebook page or website.

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