Praying the Steps in Mt. Adams ‘on hold’ due to coronavirus concerns

Praying the Steps in Mt. Adams ‘on hold’ due to coronavirus concerns
The faithful say a “Hail Mary” as they climb to the top of the steep hill Holy Cross-Immaculata sits on in Mount Adams overlooking the city and Ohio River. (Photo: Courtesy Scott Ford)

MT. ADAMS, Ohio (FOX19) - All Good Friday plans at the Holy Cross-Immaculata are on hold, including “Praying the Steps," due to concerns over coronavirus.

“All Good Friday plans are on hold due to the directives of the governor, the bishops, and the mayor of Cincinnati. If the situation with the coronavirus changes And we are able to revise our plans for Good Friday, we will post the information on our website,” the website states.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati will livestream Mass each day from the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains. The Masses can be found online and on the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Facebook page.

The “praying the steps” involves climbing the steps to Holy Cross-Immaculata Roman Catholic Church overlooking the Ohio River atop the city’s Mount Adams.

Crowds have made the climb on Good Friday since the 1860s.

Normally, Blessing of the Steps is one minute after midnight and praying the steps lasts until 11:59 p.m. Good Friday.

According to the Catholic Telegraph, the steps when first built in 1859 were wooden and replaced with concrete in 1911.

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