Hyde Park kids dream up Art Walk, parents prosper

Hyde Park does Art Walk for kids

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Kids in Hyde Park are getting creative finding ways to stay busy. They’ve decided that every week, they’re going to put on an art show.

Each week has a theme, and this week it was ‘summer vacation.’

The kids drew their idea of a summer vacation inside a pair of paper sunglasses.

“We gave these sunglasses to everybody,” seven-year-old Sean Heisel said. “And everybody that we gave them to, they hanged them up and they drew on their sunglasses.”

Sean, who was joined in the effort by his brother, Jack, says wants to go to Florida or Hilton Head.

Sean and Jack’s mom, Alison Heisel is an art teacher at a local high school. She says she wanted to give the kids in the neighborhood something to do while they continue school from home.

Hyde Park kids created an Art Walk while homebound.
Hyde Park kids created an Art Walk while homebound. (Source: WXIX)

The art walk idea spread around the neighborhood getting everyone from kids, parents and even older neighbors out of their house to see the drawings.

Siblings Jack and Katie Balnes are dreaming of a Florida vacation.

Jack says he’s getting tired of staying at home but is enjoying the time he gets with his friends -- even if they have to play together from a distance.

Not only does this keep the kids busy and entertained, but it’s helpful for these parents who are also staying at home with their kids right now.

Meghan Lewis is a parent of two young children in Hyde Park.

“It’s been so great to have this to look forward to,” Lewis said. “And it’s one thing that it’s nice to have an art teacher, because it takes something off our plate and gives us some creative ideas to work with the kids during the week.”

Who knows how long this art walk will last, but hopefully they have more days like Thursday to walk around the neighborhood and exercise their creativity and check out the art gallery.

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