EPD: ‘Don’t Stand So Close’

EPD: ‘Don’t Stand So Close’

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Evansville Police created a video in order to spread the importance of social distancing.

It’s a new take on The Police’s hit song “Don’t Stand So Close To Me.”

The virus hits close to home for EPD, and Chief Billy Bolin has a a serious message for everyone.

“We’ve having fun with this video, but it’s our attempt to get your attention," said Chief Bolin. "The coronavirus is very serious business. One of our officers, and a good friend of mine, is currently battling this terrible sickness. We all miss going to our favorite restaurants, sporting events, and concerts. The sooner we all start doing our part, by staying a part, we can start filling these seats up behind us again.”

It was released over the weekend an EPD Detective tested positive for COVID-19.

That person is in isolation and the case is being investigated like all others.

They ended the video by asking everyone to protect loved ones by not standing so close.

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