Stores add shopping restrictions to stop coronavirus spread

Stores changing policy to avoid coronavirus spread

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Stores that are allowed to remain open despite stay-at-home orders are adding shopping restrictions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

By Monday, expect to see longer lines at essential businesses like grocery stores and retailers that will be forced to limit the number of shoppers inside.

Costco has already put restrictions in place and shoppers at the Springdale store on Friday were met with those lines.

“No I’m not going in today. My car is right there,” Karen Amend said.

She says that Costco was allowing 200 people in at a time.

“That was the time I decided I should go back home cause it wasn’t going to work. The line was wrapped around the building. People are keeping their 6 foot space which is good but It would take hours to get in and probably hours to get out,” Amend said.

Jeff King tag-teamed with his wife to get the essentials for their house.

He says it took him about an hour to get through the line.

“It was okay. It wasn’t a bad experience. People were keeping their social distancing there was a conversation going on and the line moved relatively quickly,” King said.

Kroger says it will reveal more early next week regarding changes at its stores.

The company said it will allow no more than five customers per 1,000 square feet at a given time inside their stores.

Employees will admit customers one-by-one while counting to enforce this restriction. Once the store reaches capacity, customers will be allowed in on a “one-in-one-out” basis.

There will be only one-way movement in the stores once customers are inside. This is to help promote social distancing and keep people at a distance from each other while shopping.

Target announced that it will begin limiting customers in the store starting Saturday and meter customer traffic based on the store’s size.

You will also see Target employees wearing disposable face masks and gloves.

Although some customers don’t like the changes everyone FOX19 spoke with understands why it needs to be done. They say they will have to adjust as well.

“I will change how I shop and when I shop,” Amend said.

“It’s a little bit overwhelming at times if you think about the depth of the changes we’re seeing but I think what it proves is we’ll all get through it,” King said.

The governors of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana have all extended the stay-at-home orders in their states.

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