Tri-State stores make changes to protect shoppers, employees

Tri-State stores making more changes to protect shoppers and workers

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - When Gov. Mike DeWine extended the state’s stay-at-home order, he added a new rule which limits how many people can be inside an essential business at one time.

“We’re limiting to about half of our capacity," Kroger spokesperson Erin Rolfes said. We’re prepared to have some cue lines out front if we need it as well."

Outside Kroger stores are marks every six feet to maintain social distancing if a line forms.

To help with capacity, Kroger asks shoppers to listen to Gov. DeWine’s advice and have only one person from a family go shopping at a time.

“If you get one person to come in once a week and do all your shopping, that’s really great,” Rolfes said.

Other stores in the Tri-State area making the change too. Meijer in Oakley has signs on its entrances saying how many people can be inside.

At a Walmart in the same area, employees were seen setting up carts and tape to organize how people enter and leave the store.

Walmart’s website says it is capping store capacities at 20 percent right now.

Kroger says social distancing stickers on the floor, plexiglass shields in front of cashiers and store capacity limits may be just the first steps in trying to prevent the spread of the virus.

“As we see changes need to happen we’ll definitely implement those and taking guidance from our local governors as well,” Rolfes said.

There is some good news though.

“We’re starting to see the supply line have a little less pressure," Rolfes said. “I think folks are starting to ease into whatever their new normal is with the kiddos at home from college and from school.”

The new order extends these rules for stores until May 1.

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