Beauty supply store fights closure, wins court appeal

Beauty supply store fights closure, wins court appeal

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Cincinnati beauty supply store fought Gov. Mike DeWine’s order that forced all non-essential businesses to close and won.

Amazon Beauty Supply was told to close last week but owner Sean Lee said his store should remain open because it sells essential items including personal hygiene products and more.

“I had to cut a deal with the prosecutor,” Lee explained. “I won’t sell jewelry, I won’t sell fashion items so can you please allow me to continue my business as it stands.”

Lee says most of his customers require special hair care items that they can only get that at stores like his. He says he tried to explain this to officials but it fell on deaf ears. That’s when he hired a lawyer.

“There are things I think we can all agree are essential,” Finney Law Firm Partner Matt Okiishi explained. “Firefighters are essential. hospitals are essential. But the stay-at-home order defines essential very very broadly.”

In just a few days, Lee won his appeal and with certain safety measures in place were allowed to reopen.

Tuesday, a line of customers was waiting outside to shop.

“All the customers that walk in my door need to be hand sanitized and they have to have a mask on,” Lee said.

Lee says these new measures protect his customers and his employees. He also says his customers have been very supportive of his effort to keep his store open.

“If businesses are legitimately essential, if they feel like they are needed by their community," Okiishi said. "[they] Should take steps to reopen and serve their communities.”

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