Indiana on verge of 6k coronavirus cases as deaths eclipse 200

Gov. Holcomb gives update on Indiana coronavirus response

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (FOX19) - Indiana is on the verge of 6,000 coronavirus cases and now has more than 200 deaths from the virus, according to the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH).

As of Wednesday, the ISDH reports a total of 5,943 coronavirus cases and 203 deaths in the state.

Deaths from the coronavirus across the state still have not peaked, Indiana State Health Commissioner Doctor Kristina Box stated on Tuesday.

Here is the breakdown of cases and deaths for counties in the FOX19 NOW viewing area, according to the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH):

  • Franklin County: 61 cases, 7 deaths
  • Switzerland County: 11 cases, zero deaths
  • Dearborn County: 47 cases, 1 death
  • Ohio County: 1 case, zero deaths
  • Ripley County: 76 cases, 3 deaths
  • Fayette County: 18 cases, 3 deaths

Hoosiers between the ages of 50-59 account for the highest percentage of coronavirus cases in the state with 20.6 percent, according to ISDH.

But when it comes to the percentage of coronavirus deaths, that age group is only the fourth highest:

  • 80 years and older - 37.9 percent
  • 70 to 79 years old - 32.5 percent
  • 60 to 69 years old - 18.2 percent
  • 50 to 59 years old - 6.9 percent

Nursing homes or long term care facility residents are amongst the most vulnerable for the coronavirus, health officials have stated.

In Indiana, nearly 65,000 people live in nursing homes.

So far, 31 deaths have been reported in 12 long term care facilities in the state, Dr. Box said.

Those 31 coronavirus deaths, according to Dr. Box, make up 15 percent of the total deaths in Indiana.

To help stop or slow the spread of COVID-19 in nursing homes or long term care facilities, Dr. Box announced the signing of a new order.

Under the new order directors of long term care facilities must report to local and state departments of health within 24 hours of knowing you have or suspect a coronavirus case within the facility.

ISDH also established strike teams to help not only residents in long term care facilities, but those who work in them.

These teams, which include a coordinator, nurse, infection control specialist, and epidemiologist, will train staff on PPE and infection control, according to the ISDH.

Strike teams will be testing residents and staff for the coronavirus.

As of Wednesday’s news conference with Governor Eric Holcomb, strike teams have been to 200 facilities and tested more than 600 people.

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