Ohio bars, restaurants allowed to sell alcoholic beverages to go

Ohio restaurants can now serve 'to go' alcoholic beverages

CINCINNATI (FOX19/WOIO) - Ohio bars and restaurants with liquor licenses can now sell “to go” alcoholic beverages after Gov. Mike DeWine signed an executive order on Tuesday.

They have been forced to change the way they do business because of the coronavirus pandemic and have previously only been allowed to serve pick-up food orders to customers.

“It’s been something that’s been completely new to everybody and something that we’re taking one day at a time, that we’re doing our best to take one day at a time,” Sebastian Castillo, manager at Prime Cincinnati, said.

According to Castillo, the restaurant can only serve two ounces of liquor in the to go drinks, can only serve a maximum of two drinks per order and the beverages must be sealed.

“We’re going to have our and delivery system work in the same way and it’s just going to be included in that,” Castillo said. “Anything that we can continue to do for our guests and they can continue to enjoy and our staff continues to feel comfortable is great news for us.”

It’s important to note that those delivering and picking up alcoholic beverages are still subject to open container laws, so the drinks must stay sealed.

At Prime, the bartenders make the drinks like normal then put them into a paper to-go cup and place them inside a plastic bag that seals.

People cannot drink the beverages at the location even if they are waiting to pick up a food order.

The new alcoholic beverage rule was unanimously approved by the Ohio Liquor Control Commission.

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