3 coronavirus deaths in Cincinnati, health officials bracing for ‘storm’

3 coronavirus deaths in Cincinnati; Mayor Cranley updates city's response

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati now has three confirmed COVID-19 deaths, according to Health Commissioner Melba Moore.

Fifteen people are currently hospitalized, and 32 patients have recovered.

Moore reported 134 confirmed cases in Cincinnati during the city’s Wednesday media briefing.

Compared to other cities across the country, that figure is low, Moore said, but it could rise rapidly if people begin to relax their compliance with Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s Stay-at-Home order.

“What we’re bracing for is the storm that’s coming. That’s that surge. We want to continue to have fewer numbers, but help us to get through this," Moore said, enjoining the city to continue social distancing.

Mayor Cranley repeated the evidence-based claims of health experts around the country.

“What we’re learning is many, many, many people have the virus and don’t know it, and don’t have symptoms, and can give the coronavirus to other people,” he said, underscoring the danger the virus poses to vulnerable populations such as the elderly.

Speaking about senior living and care facilities, the mayor said the city’s office of aging and accessibility and the city’s health department are working with facilities to ensure adherence to state orders. That includes enforcing visitation restrictions, checking staff and residents for symptoms and practicing increased sanitation.

Moore added the city has eight reported cases of COVID-19 stemming from senior living and care facilities, though she could not specify during the briefing if they were patients or employees, and she could not name the facilities.

She did promise to provide that information once it is available.

Cranley also said the city has recently partnered with the United Way and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to provide tablets to 20 in-need senior facilities housing more than 1,500 seniors.

“(They’re) essentially cut off from family members and friends,” the mayor noted, adding risk of depression is high among those in senior living facilities amid the pandemic.


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