Southeast Indiana hit hard by COVID-19

Three counties have some of the highest rates of infection in the entire United States.

Southeast Indiana hard-hit by COVID-19

BROOKVILLE, Ind. (FOX19) - Franklin, Decatur and Ripley counties in Southeast Indiana have some of the highest per capita rates of coronavirus infections in the entire country, according to the Associated Press.

In Brookville, which is right in the heart of Franklin County, cars are still driving on Main Street but few people are out.

Candace Bath and Caroline Krineski both work at an essential business.

They say they’ve seen the streets of Brookville become like a ghost town over the past few weeks and that’s unusual for the tight-knit community.

“We know everybody that’s got it here and most of them that’s died, so it’s not good,” Krineski said.

“People are scared to even go to the grocery store, or even being outside,” Bath said.

The Indiana State Department of Health said Thursday they will be focusing their efforts on this area next week.

“That’s where we’re headed. Down kind of in that Southeastern area to do some more testing down there. But we have definitely engaged with hospital systems over there and have been working with them to increase testing. We have actually couriered tests from over there when hospital systems have needed to test individuals. So I’m happy to engage in another way if there are ways that we can help, for sure,” Indiana Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box said.

Meanwhile, Bath and Krineski say they’re trying to keep the faith and stay positive.

The ISDH says 66 people in Franklin County have tested positive for the coronavirus. 7 have died.

The Franklin County COVID-19 Task Force said Friday that another 11 patients have recovered, bringing the total number of recovered patients to 33.

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