Local businesses show support for healthcare workers

Local businesses supporting healthcare workers

WALTON, Ky. (FOX19) - Local businesses and restaurants across the Tri-State are facing challenging times, but it’s not stopping many of them from giving back to those who are also in need of our support - first responders.

Employees at Enlightenment Coffee, a locally owned coffee shop in Walton, KY. are showing their support for those working long hours and treating patients around the clock by delivering coffee, meals, and baked goods to local hospitals.

In the past couple of weeks, they have made drops-offs to Good Samaritan and St. Elizabeth hospitals. They try to make at least two trips a week.

Co-Owner Erik Simms says it’s just one way to show their support, while also thanking healthcare workers for all they do.

Employee Brittany Klinzing is also the owner of the meal service In Bloom. When she’s not at the coffee shop, she’s busy making meals and baked goods for hospital staff that may be in need of a little pick me up during a long day.

She helps deliver the food, along with the coffee. 20 percent of her current sales are going towards preparing the food being delivered.

Klinzing says she has family and friends working in the medical field. She wants to show her love and appreciation for not only them, but all hospital staff by a simple act of kindness.

“I express my love through cooking and I can’t go to her now and give her a big hug and I can’t go to anyone right now and give them the support that they need in person. So I wanted to do something that showed my love and express that to them so they didn’t feel alone in this,” she said.

Enlightenment Coffee is also offering a chance for you to give back. They are open for business. You can find their hours on their website or Facebook page.

You can make a donation that will provide a gallon of coffee for healthcare workers.

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