Nursing homes, long term care facilities will not become ‘COVID only’ centers, health commissioner clarifies

Gov. Holcomb, state health official give coronavirus update

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (FOX19) - The day after issuing an order aimed at protecting residents of nursing homes and long term care facilities from contracting the coronavirus, Indiana State Health Commissioner Doctor Kristina Box offered clarification on that order.

The order allows long term care facilities and nursing homes the ability to transfer, discharge, or transport residents who don’t test positive for COVID-19.

What this order will not do, according to Dr. Box, is turn certain a facility into a “COVID only” center.

Dr. Box said they will not transport all residents, who have positive coronavirus tests, into a single facility.

The intent for this order is to keep sick residents from spreading the coronavirus to other patients in a long term care facility or nursing home, stated Dr. Box.

Families of those residents being moved “must be" notified by the facility, the health commissioner reiterated Wednesday.

Currently, 152 long term care facilities in Indiana have at least one coronavirus case.

Seven percent (681) of Indiana’s total coronavirus cases are from residents in nursing homes or long term care facilities, according to Dr. Box.

As of Wednesday’s news conference with Governor Eric Holcomb, an additional 440 cases to bring the state’s total to 8,955, announced Dr. Box.

“I hesitate to say this, but I think we might be seeing a flattening of that curve – that peak flatten,” Dr. Box said on Wednesday.

The death toll in Indiana from the coronavirus is now at 436 after the health commissioner reported 49 new deaths.

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