Nursing home takes in recovering COVID-19 patients, family-members concerned

Local nursing home admits COVID-19 patients, resident's family concerned

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Hope Burke, 89, is a resident at The Anderson, a long-term care facility on Beechmont Avenue.

A spokesperson from The Anderson recently sent out an email saying the facility will be accepting patients recovering from COVID-19 -- and that has Burke’s family concerned.

“We expressed a lot of concern about it,” Hope’s son, Chip Burke, told FOX19 NOW. “It just doesn’t seem like it’s the right thing to do for the patients.”

The Anderson’s email reads: “Due to the surge of cases and the hospitals becoming overwhelmed and needing our assistance, we are admitting two patients who are recovering from the coronavirus.”

The facility says they are only accepting patients from the hospital that are stable and recovering from diagnosed or suspected cases of COVID-19.

Chip points out the nursing home has done a “good job” of keeping the virus one. No cases have surfaced among residents or staff, he says.

Still, he and his wife, Laurie, would like The Anderson to search for alternatives before bringing more of those patients in.

“All it can do is, you put all of those residents and their staff at risk by bringing the infection into the nursing home,” Chip said.

The facility says they are following CDC protocols as well as orders issued by Gov. Mike DeWine: It has restricted visitation except in end-of-life situations; it is monitoring workers and residents by checking for fevers and symptoms twice daily; and it has limited activities in the building while creating a separate isolation unit for symptomatic patients.

“They’re definitely taking some precautions," Chip said, "but I think that with a virus that spreads as easily as this virus spreads and has such devastating effects on the elderly and frail, when they get it the risk is still too high and unnecessary.”

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