Texas transplant couple has COVID-19 themed photoshoot in KY

Texas transplant couple has COVID-19 themed photoshoot in KY

BOONE CO., Ky. (FOX19) - A transplant couple from Texas, who is expecting a baby, decided to use the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to commemorate not only their baby, but also the lockdown.

“My sister-in-law in Texas tracked down Mark [Mark Rector, the photographer], trying to find a photographer for us,” said Katie

Katie and Andrew Brauer decided to have the photoshoot setting in their backyard, keeping social distancing in mind.

“Can’t go anywhere else," Katie said. "So, may as well take advantage of that.”

The photo has an Armageddon-type scene, complete with rolls of toilet paper and Lysol.

“Me, I like to make people on my Facebook kinda crack up and laugh and everything," explained Rector. "Then, I realized you know there might actually be some interest in this.”

Katie says she is 27 weeks pregnant.

“It’s kind of a scary time. I haven’t left the house. Andrew’s only gone out for groceries, so we’re taking extra precautions,” said Katie.

Beyond the tongue-in-cheek nature of the “porch-trait,” Rector had some advice for the young couple he hopes will stay etched in their memory:

“God will get you through it. I promise,” said Rector.

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