Vigil held for Wilmington doctor fighting coronavirus

Jeffrey Manser remains hospitalized at Bethesda North

Beloved Wilmington doctor battling COVID-19

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Beloved Wilmington doctor Jeffrey Manser, MD, continues his battle with COVD-19.

His family says the last several days have been just that, a battle. They also told FOX19 NOW Wednesday was a “rally day.”

“There is some good news and then there are major setbacks," Manser’s wife, Tina Gabbard, MD, said. "There have been many sleepless nights, very frightening at times, and then he seems to rally.”

Manser was admitted to Bethesda North Hospital in early April. His family believed he was on the road to recovery after being on a ventilator initially, but complications from the virus have led to several setbacks.

Monday doctors gave Manser convalescent plasma hoping to help him battle the disease.

Wilmington doctor battles COVID-19

“They say if that is going to help, you will see the turnaround in 48-72 hours," Gabbard said. "The last 24-hours seemed to be going in the absolute wrong direction, but this morning it seemed to turn around.”

Gabbard praised the care by doctors, nurses and other medical staff at Bethesda North, but said she is unable to be with him at the hospital. The CDC guidelines do not allow her or other family members to visit.

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Manser is well known in Wilmington. He and his wife have practiced in the area for decades.

When word about Manser’s condition got out, the community rallied behind them online. The hashtag #ManserStrong started trending online.

“We got so many messages of support,” Masner’s daughter, Rachel Keremes said. “Then somebody started this 'lights on’ for my dad, and it trended a bit."

Social media feeds were flooded with pictures of porch lights, candles or outdoor luminaries showing support and offering well wishes for the doctor.

Wednesday night a vigil was held for the Manser family at his office in Wilmington. Organizers asked people to stay in their cars and pray.

“I do not know if I have the words to express what this amount of support and love means," Gabbard said. "I do not have the words to say how deeply touched by it we are and how many people putting forth and effort to get better.”

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