Cincinnati hair salons, barber shops wait to reopen

"I need a haircut:" Barbers hear from customers during pandemic

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Some Ohio businesses could start to reopen soon, according to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.

That probably won’t include salons or barber shops, much to the disappointment of shaggy-headed Tri-State locals.

Sherri Williams knows that disappointment all too well.

Owner of Hugh’s Barber Shop on Beechmont Avenue, Williams sees her customers on Facebook and in the supermarket, all begging for a trim or some coloring

“Oh yeah, I run into them at Kroger’s," she told FOX19 NOW. “You know, they’re like, ‘Can you just come sneak and come cut my hair?’"

Some of them call her on the phone: “I had on this morning. ‘Do you know when you’re going to come back?’"

Willams also happens to be married to one of them.

“He’s looking a hot mess right now,” Williams said, though she added he’s “joining the team” in holding off on a haircut.

Meanwhile, Barbicide, a company that makes a popular barber shop equipment disinfectant, has released some recommendations for when salons and barber shops eventually do get to reopen:

  • Stylists should wear PPE, such as masks, gloves and gowns;
  • Practice strict hand hygiene methods;
  • Space out appointment times so equipment can be cleaned and disinfected;
  • Stagger seating if chars are fewer than six feet apart.

For those customers who can’t stand to wait and opt for the razor, Williams says to think again.

“I’ve seen a couple of guys that have shaved their head," she said. "That wasn’t good.”

As she puts it, it might be “like Woodstock” for a little while longer.

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