2-year-old pup dumped in state park now fighting for its life in Warren Co.

Warren Co. rescuers trying to save starving dog discovered in state park

WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - A Warren County animal shelter says it is handling a heartbreaking case where a dog dumped in a state park is fighting for its life.

Caesar’s Creek State Park is, for many, a place to take in nature’s beauty. However, Joanne Hurley, the Executive Director of the Humane Association of Warren County, says lately it has become a dump site for dogs.

“Caesar’s Creek has kind of become a place where people go to dump pets," Hurley said. "This is not our first case coming out of Caesar’s Creek State Park.”

This time, Hurley said someone who was hiking spotted a dog down in a ravine.

“It was tucked up into the tightest little ball. It was so weak. It couldn’t walk out of the ravine. The dog warden Scott Dunning actually carried him out of the ravine," Hurley said.

Rescuers say the two-year-old pup came into their care starving and dehydrated. He is now at Four Paws Animal Hospital in Lebanon, where he is said to be stable, but struggling.

“He should weigh probably somewhere between 60 to 70 pounds, and he weighs 32," Hurley said. “His bloodwork showed some serious damage at this point to his liver and his kidneys.”

The rescued canine also has frostbite. Hurley said it will take him awhile to recover.

“It brings me to tears every time. I’ve seen this a million times, but it never stops hurting," Hurley said.

At this point, they cannot say with certainty whether someone abused the dog or starved the animal on purpose. Rescuers say if they gather information that leads them to believe it was cruelty, they will pursue a criminal case.

Hurley said she knows the coronavirus has been affecting many people financially, including pet owners, but she says that no matter the circumstances, there is always a better option than abandoning your pet.

“It doesn’t have to happen this way. Someone will reach out to help you,” Hurley said. "There’s enough animal lovers in the world to get this done.”

Anyone with information on the dog can contact the Warren County dog warden at 513-695-1352. Tips can be made anonymously.

The humane association is accepting donations to cover the cost of the dog’s medical care. To help, visit the Facebook page or website.

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