Virtual adoption, car parade held for foster kids taken in by Tri-State family

Boone County couple adopts two kids virtually during pandemic

BOONE COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky family of four is now a family of six.

Marie and Trey had been in the foster system since she was an infant and he was a toddler. Now five- and six-years old, they’ve spent the last 577 days living with Patty and Javier Rodriguez at their home in Boone County.

Until yesterday, they were still considered foster children.

Patty says she and Javier knew early on they wanted to adopt the children she describes as “easy to love.” They simply hadn’t completed the process yet.

On Monday, they did. But with COVID-19 restrictions in place, they couldn’t do it in person, so this story comes with the sort of virtual twist only 2020 can provide.

Trey and Marie were adopted virtually. Then the community celebrated with a car parade.

Trey and Marie were adopted Monday by a family in Northern Kentucky.
Trey and Marie were adopted Monday by a family in Northern Kentucky. (Source: WXIX)

“We got a call last Monday from our attorney asking if we wanted to do it virtually to get it done faster," Patty explained, “and we agreed to it.”

Patty, who works in the Boone County school system, says she and Javier are thankful the adoption is now official.

“To know that (the kids) are ours, and they can get away from knowing the term, ‘I am a foster child,’ it means a lot to us," Patty added.

The Rodriguezes are excited to watch Trey and Marie grow up. They’re also excited to introduce them to their extended families, a process that began with a recent family vacation to Texas to show the kids where the couple is from.

Patty says she and Javier moved to the Tri-State in 2018 and immediately saw the need for fostering and adopting children.

She adds they’re on their way to fostering a teenager right now and will continue to foster others in the future.

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