Protecting your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

Protecting your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - We have spoken a lot recently about the importance of staying active and taking care of ourselves during the pandemic, not just physically, but mentally as well.

Just a few weeks ago, Governor Andy Beshear declared April in Kentucky Mental Health Awareness Month.

Michael Adams is a licensed counselor and the owner of Michael C. Adams and Associates in Florence off Houston Road.

Adams says what was working for us before the pandemic may not work anymore because we are adjusting to a new normal.

He says if you are feeling a little out of sorts, it could be because of the 3 B’s: boredom, burnout, and brokenness.

“Boredom, which I think we have all felt a little bit based upon our routine being disrupted,” Adams said. “Burnout. I can’t tell you how many Facebook posts I have seen about Groundhog Day from especially moms who were at home or people that are at home with kids. The last thing is brokenness. Whats was working for us before the pandemic, some of those things just don’t work anymore they are not applicable.”

If you are feeling a little out of sorts, he says to remember the acronym ACE: accomplishment, connection, and enjoyment. Accomplish at least one thing a day to stay busy. Connect with someone, whether that be on the phone or computer. Enjoy your days at home by taking up a hobby.

Adams says if your feeling down, it’s important that you talk to someone about it.

“There are no feelings that are wrong in this. There is no shame in whatever you are feeling. Some people are feeling more scared or more sad or more distraught. I think if anything just to talk to another human about it,” he said.

If you need to talk with someone, there are options, whether that be talking with a counselor virtually via telehealth or in the office. Adams says most insurances are covering sessions right now.

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